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About The 1% Man

The 1% Man is more than just a brand—it's a revolution, a new approach to modern manhood. When I found myself seeking advice and a community that spoke to my life experience, I couldn't find it. So, I decided to create it.

My aim was to challenge norms, push boundaries, and redefine what it means to be a man. Society has set rigid standards for us for too long, and I believe it's time for a change. That's why I founded The 1% Man—to rebel against the status quo, to carve a new path. It might seem shocking, but it's about authenticity, acceptance, and self-improvement.

The 1% Man is about personal growth and resilience, about moving forward no matter what life throws at us. We’re not just living life—we’re redefining it, shaping it into something unique, powerful, and content.

About Me, Bertrand Ngampa

As the founder of The 1% Man, my mission is to help men navigate their unique journeys. I want to empower you to master your finances, optimize your lifestyle, and become the most elite version of yourself—the 1% man.

I believe that you, as a man, should be free to experience all of your emotions, not just anger and lust. You're not just a workhorse, blindly toiling away. You're more than that, and I want to help you find balance, fulfillment, and purpose in every aspect of your life.

My vision for The 1% Man doesn't rely on complex 10-step systems. Instead, I promote simple and effective plans, supported by accountability and a completely new approach to life. Together, we'll unlock new levels of power, confidence, and satisfaction. We might shock society, but we'll also create a more fulfilling life for ourselves

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