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Are you tired of the never-ending quest to fit into a manhood mold that leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled?

If you're nodding in agreement, you're not alone. There's a covert brotherhood of men who are high achievers in many areas of life, yet they harbor a secret frustration just like you...

From the desk in Bertrand Ngampa’s parent’s house:

Hey Men Who Seek Greatness,

The only reason you’re here is because the door to a powerful transformation is cracking open for you.

If you're ready to become your ultimate self, it's time to step through it, and close it behind you.

What’s this about?

Let’s get real: society has us, men, twisted up in knots, telling us how to be men. 

The big muscles, the fat wallet, rock-hard emotional walls, and oh, let’s not forget the big dick.

Men are told we must perform manhood to be loved, to be valued, and to feel like we have a place in this world.

What’s worse? We believe society’s message when it tells us this. 

We believe it so deeply, we end up feeding the same narrative to each other. We tell our sons, our friends, and our brothers. 

We tell our wives this is what it means to be a man. You have to love me this way because that’s what’s right and true. 

And our wives show our daughters.

And our daughters grow up to marry men like us and they tell their sons and their daughters the same thing.

We believe this narrative so deeply we force it to be true generation after generation.

What happens when the message reaches us? 

It gets indoctrinated into the deepest parts of our psyche. Into our bones. And we pour our souls into this endless grind to have it all. To perform the picture of manhood.

We chase paychecks that never seem big enough, weekends that end too fast, and relationships that feel too shallow. 

We're stuck in a rut: boring sex or no sex at all. We're scrolling and swiping, but finding nothing. 

It's a bottomless pit of searching, and an increasing number of us wind up ending it all because they never find it.

Suicide, homicide, and acts of terrorism are all at an all-time high in America and several places across the world. Men only make up about half of the population, but we’re bringing in the numbers for the whole trifecta.

Our masculinity isn’t toxic, but it is in pain. Pain from being restricted into this box of manhood that’s too small for any of us to fit into.

The truth?

You are bigger, better, faster, stronger, richer, and more stylish than the picture that’s in that box. 

So of course you’re in pain, trying to shrink into it.

Most men’s entire sense of self has been routinely and systematically minimized to the size of our wallets, our muscles, our dicks, our families, and our ability to perform a version of manhood that is as outdated as it is insufficient. 

Mostly to impress women who don’t understand men. The efficacy speaks for itself.

The truth is, Only 1% of Men Escape This Trap. 

These are Ultimate Men.

And Ultimate Men are WHOLE men.

Yes, Ultimate men are providers and protectors, and we are team and community members who have support and know we don’t have to do it all alone. 

Like the army taught me - in order to be successful we must have brotherhood. We must have community.

Yes, Ultimate men are emotionally strong, but that’s not to be confused with emotionally stunted. Ultimate men are emotionally intelligent, attuned, and mature, men.

We’re logical and solutions focused. And we understand that emotions are information. We know how to manage, regulate, channel, use, and express our emotions in ways that support us in meeting our goals and connecting with our purpose, our families, our communities, and our lives.

We’re leaders, here.

And yes, Ultimate men are financially successful and free. Not because we grind. But because we’ve found purpose and impact in what we do and the world pays us well for it. Because we have discipline to work hard, but not at the expense of wholeness. We bring our wholeness into our work and this allows us to work less, for more. 

Yes, Ultimate men have incredible love lives and sex lives built on deep connections. But it’s not because we’re performing manhood to everyone else’s standard. 

It’s because the Ultimate Man is his own man and every woman loves a man who belongs to himself instead of the world.

No one else is powerful enough to tell the Ultimate Man who to be and win that fight. 

1% of Men are Ultimate Men. 

The 1% Man makes these decisions for himself.

But 99% of men aren’t Ultimate Men. 


Because the indoctrination of performing manhood runs so deep that we struggle to see the truth of who we really are beneath it. 

And I know you've probably heard the recent buzz that’s been sent to help us with this.

"Go to therapy," they say. "Write in journals," they suggest. 

It’s like everyone’s suddenly got advice for us, but let's be real, most of it feels like it's straight out of a woman’s retreat. 

I’m not here to hate women’s marketing or solutions. Women are incredible and as an Ultimate Man, I respect and learn a lot from women. But women’s marketing & solutions are not tuned into what men of this society are really going through. 

Like, have you ever sat in a therapy session and come out with more questions than answers? Or stared at a blank page in a journal, with no clue what to write? 

Yeah, me too. 

That's why it's time we flip the script. 

It's wrong that society treats us like we're emotionless ATMs, or like we’re built to be some sort of Superman who's not allowed to break a sweat, let alone shed a tear. 

But it’s more wrong that we continue to subscribe to the narrative as if it was ever true.

Now, listen up because I've discovered something game-changing.

Something that allows us to get all the things we want: 

- Relationships with women who love us for who we are, and who we love as well. 

- A beautiful family and children 

- Incredible careers and businesses that give us a sense of purpose and accomplishment in the world. 

- Fat paychecks Incredible health, a sense of power, and untapped energy

- A legacy that can break cycles, create healed, strong, ULTIMATE men, and

be passed down for generations to create more to come

- A felt sense of power in being able to protect and provide, yes, AND…

- Without doing it at the expense of our humanity. We get to be WHOLE men.

Who Am I?

My name is Bertrand Ngampa. And like you, I grew up being told what manhood is. 

I joined the army, chased women, sex, money, and God. I tried to fit in and follow the rules. I tried to rebel against them. I’ve seen success that didn’t feel like success and failure that’s given me more power and a deeper sense of myself and my manhood than any paycheck or validation from women ever could.

I’ve been in rooms with Millionaires and learned from them. I’ve been in communities with poor men and learned just as much from them. 

All I was ever looking for was how to be the Ultimate Man. 

For years, I searched high and low for a solution — a magic wand to help us rise above the noise and unlock our full potential. 

Scoured Amazon? Check. 

Consulted experts? Done. 

Personal Training? Check. 

Invested in Therapy? Check. 

Invested in Business Coaches, Courses & Books? Absolutely.

Yoga? Done it. 

Bought blank journals and other men’s journals myself that never got used, was too much information, or otherwise not structured well? Over and over again.

And what I found is that while pieces of the puzzle exist, no one source brings it all together.

One day I was frustrated and venting to my friend Jason about this. Jason is what I would consider an Ultimate Man. He has it all emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, and financially.

The money, the beautiful family and wife he adores. The purpose, the legacy. He works with big names you’ve seen on TV. He feels at home in who he is.

When I expressed my frustration to him, he told me he didn’t know of anything that could help with this. 

But then offered the simplest, genius solution.

"Create it." 

Jason was right. So, I did.

I’ve had several more army tours since. It took years of research, expert consultations, community outreach, and personal trials. 

I present to you…

The 1% Man: The Ascension Journal

Wait. Because this is NOT another Men’s journal.

This isn’t a journal with blank pages nor one written by women and made to impress women. 

This is a science-backed and rigorously tested journal for men, by men.

It's a meticulously crafted journal designed to turbocharge your journey to becoming the Ultimate Man.

Physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and socially.

A man who is so connected to his own personal manhood that society simply can’t touch it. A man who is free from shrinking into the performance of manhood. A man who creates his own version of Ultimate Manhood - even if it’s from the desk at his parent’s house.

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